DPS Kamptee Road Pro Vice Chairperson and President

Message from the Pro-Vice Chairperson & President

Tulika Kedia

Education isn't merely the acquisition of facts; rather, it's the cultivation of the mind to think," as eloquently stated by the eminent Albert Einstein. These profound words form the very essence of our school's philosophy. At DPS Kamptee Road, Nagpur, our unwavering commitment is to bestow the gift of knowledge, nurturing independent thinkers who will shape India's future and embody the responsibilities of global citizenship.

Our school's inclusive ecosystem provides a well-rounded, life skills-focused education that stands on par with the finest offerings in our nation. What sets us apart is our well-directed approach, rooted in the belief that students thrive when they are empowered to take ownership of their own learning. The core objective of education, after all, is to transform mirrors into windows.

From the very inception of our institution, each and every educator here perceives our students not merely as individuals in need of guidance but as young adults capable of acting with fairness, kindness, and generosity.

It's a humbling experience to witness how we have consistently elevated the standards of holistic education, not only within our city but across the educational landscape of India. We remain dedicated to maintaining an environment where opportunity, guidance, and, ultimately, success have no limits.

We firmly believe in the attainability of our dreams because our students are an integral part of our growth journey. We are deeply appreciative of the passion, zeal, and enthusiasm they continually bring to every school initiative.

Beyond offering a robust academic foundation, our school strongly advocates the cultivation of interests in diverse areas of learning, essential for fostering a broad worldview. The integration of sports and creative activities with academic knowledge opens wide the windows of opportunity for our students. It allows them to explore possibilities, learn to collaborate and lead, embrace social and environmental responsibilities, and develop greater self-discipline. As they complete their tenure, our students depart from DPS Kamptee Road, Nagpur, well-prepared to engage with and contribute to any team they become a part of, recognizing that life is, indeed, a team sport.

Tulika Kedia

Pro Vice Chairperson and President