'Blessing Ceremony' - Grade X

'Blessing Ceremony' - Grade X

"Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead." - Nelson Mandela

The Blessing Ceremony for the Grade X students held on 27th January, 2024, was a momentous occasion for the students as they prepared to embark on a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony commenced with a prayer, seeking the divine guidance and blessings for the young learners.

Mr. Ashish Sharma, the Director of Shoora Global ITS Company and a committed social activist, who has been a member of the Rotary Club of Nagpur since 2011, honoured the Blessing Ceremony as the Guest Speaker, adding prestige to the event with his presence. Ms. Tulika Kedia, President and Pro Vice Chairperson of DPS Kamptee Road and MIHAN, Nagpur, the pillar of strength and the driving force of the school’s success in all its endeavours, sent her heartfelt wishes to all the students, encouraging them to excel in their upcoming Board exams.

Ms. Yogeeta Umalkar, the Principal, addressed the gathering and showered her blessings on the students as they now begin a new chapter in their lives. In her sincere message, she encouraged the students to welcome change, maintain connections, follow their passions, work hard, exhibit kindness and have faith in their abilities.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Ashish Sharma, greatly inspired the students with his wisdom and advice. He stressed on the importance of diligent efforts in any chosen endeavour. He generously imparted his vast expertise in the realm of training and development and urged the students to explore their limitless potential for growth.

With hearts full of gratitude and memories that would last a lifetime, it is a day filled with mixed emotions for the mentors as well as the students. The ceremony concluded by extending heartfelt wishes to the students on this special day and for the future.