Delhi Public School Kamptee Road, Nagpur hosted an Inter-School Science Fest - 'INFINITY 2024' on 13th January, 2024. This event provided a platform for young individuals to come together, interact and compete for prestigious awards. Students from different schools enthusiastically participated, presenting their artistic concepts, inventive breakthroughs and environmentally-friendly alternatives in the realm of science and technology. The primary objective of this event was to foster creativity and resourcefulness among young minds, encouraging them to devise scientific solutions for global challenges.

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Ritesh Vijay, Senior Principal Scientist & Head of the Wastewater Technology Division at NEERI, Nagpur. The eminent panel of judges included Dr. Punita Tiwari, Prof. Namrata Nagpurkar, Dr. Lakshmi Gayatri and Mr. Prakash Ghayawat.  

The science fest featured a variety of unique activities such as Novelty, 5 Minutes Extravaganza, Mind Striker, Treasure Hunt, Innovathon, Real to Reel and Garbage to Glory. In the event Novelty, students from Grade VI and VII dressed up as scientists and impressed the audience with their knowledge of inventions and discoveries. They also took part in Garbage to Glory, where they transformed trash into valuable items. Using different materials, they created scientific apparatus and human organ systems. Grade VIII students participated in Mind Striker and Treasure Hunt, solving clues and being challenged with a general science quiz. Students from Grades IX to XII presented captivating topics, ranging from the impact of exercise on heart rate to the effects of music on concentration. They also showcased mind-boggling science tricks from physics, chemistry, and biology. Their demonstrations displayed creativity, accuracy and engagement, exploring the endless possibilities of science. In the Innovathon event, they presented ground-breaking solutions for a sustainable future. The Chief Guest and the judges' valuable feedbacks proved to be extremely valuable for the participants. It not only enhanced their understanding of scientific concepts but also ignited a lifelong passion for science, inspiring them to make significant contributions to the field in the future.

Ms. Yogeeta Umalkar, Principal, DPS Kamptee Road, Nagpur expressed her joy at the success of 'INFINITY 2024’ as it provided a platform for exploratory experiences and encouraged creative thinking among students.

Certificates, prizes and a prestigious rolling trophy were rewarded to the winners.  The hard work of the participants was acknowledged and the collective efforts taken by the team which made the event a resounding success were applauded by all.