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Children's Day Celebration


On the 8th of November, 2023, DPS Kamptee Road, #Nagpur, joyously marked #Children'sDay with a special assembly dedicated to our little stars in the Preschool section. The occasion, celebrated annually on 14th November, holds special significance in honor of Pandit #JawaharlalNehru, our first #PrimeMinister and a fond advocate of #children. The sweetest phase of everyone's life is childhood. The highlight of the event was witnessing our esteemed teachers bring forth their inner child, enchanting the audience with vibrant dances and uplifting songs. The students enjoyed and felt elated to see their teachers performing. The celebration was not merely an event but an emotional bond shared between the students and their teachers. The performances created an unforgettable, cherished memory that will resonate with everyone for years to come. The success of the programme was evident as the students departed with hearts brimming with happiness and contentment. Overall, the Children's Day celebration was a delightful affair, fostering a beautiful camaraderie between the young learners and their mentors.