DPS Kamptee Road Director Message

Message from the Director

Tulika Kedia

What we learn with joy, we remember forever." - Alfred Mercier

Welcome to our world—a world that revolves around children and young individuals, their learning, their journey of exploration, and their evolution. At Delhi Public School Kamptee Road and Mihan, Nagpur, our universe centers around the child. All our efforts, work, and endeavors are dedicated to nurturing the potential of each and every student, whether in academics, social development, or emotional growth.

It is an absolute pleasure to witness our students flourish and thrive within an environment that is intimate, amicable, and tailored to meet their unique educational needs. The cornerstone of our existence is the provision of comprehensive education. Our utmost commitment is to empower our students with the skills and academic knowledge required to discover their individual passions and chart a self-driven course for their future. Our students are well- rounded, possess a global perspective, exhibit resilience, and are driven to become the best versions of themselves.

Our journey has been embellished by the selfless and deeply dedicated contributions of all the members of our board, faculty, and support staff, who play a pivotal role in advancing our vision and philosophy, strengthening the foundation of both our schools.

At Delhi Public School Kamptee Road and Mihan, Nagpur, we have intentionally cultivated a welcoming ecosystem where nature, knowledge, and compassion coexist in harmony and abundance.

Beyond offering a robust academic experience, we firmly believe that igniting interests in various spheres of learning is essential for nurturing a broad worldview. The years spent at school lay the cornerstone of a child's foundation, equipping them to navigate life's challenges. Sports and creative activities impart skills and knowledge that extend beyond the pages of a textbook. A holistic approach to education molds individuals, preparing them to blaze their own trail in life and uplift those around them.

Under the leadership of Ms. Tulika Kedia, both of our institutions have witnessed remarkable progress through a series of holistic development initiatives. These include a graded life skills curriculum, leadership programs for students that enrich the school's culture, environmental conservation programs, and dedicated sessions for performing and visual arts. These initiatives have empowered our students to express themselves and become socially conscious individuals.

We cordially invite you to visit us, explore our facilities, and engage in discussions about new horizons and potential initiatives as we work towards creating a brighter and more progressive future for our younger generation.

Savita Jaiswal